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PCN Strategies develops rugged mobile solutions for utility fleets and telecommunication (Telecom) service providers and implementers. With utility and telecom technicians' job sites constantly changing to facilitate tasks of building new cell towers, testing connection lines, installing sewer and pipelines, and frequent remote troubleshooting, the demand for rugged mobile devices are higher than ever.

Utility & Telecom Rugged Devices

PCN's ruggedized devices survive everything from the vibrations of machines to liquid and temperature exposures, powerfully acclimating to the demands of the mobile and global workers. The rugged devices throughout the manufacturing industry are time consuming to evaluate and test.

PCN has in-depth knowledge and understanding of all of the products from the top tier vendors that service the mobile solution marketplace and can help speed your new solution from concept to reality ​​​​​​​quickly and efficiently.


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PCN Strategies is a global leader and trusted provider of Mobile Fleet Installation Services of vehicle computer docking stations, telematics, GPS systems, video and other mobile technologies. PCN Stratregies has performed installation services for customer’s fleets ranging in size from 50 vehicles to the largest fleets in the country, consisting of tens of thousands of vehicles.


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