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Rack Servers

Rack servers are the perfect choice for small to medium businesses and organizations that want to start small but with room for growth. Our rack servers are upgradeable and can easily increase their storage and computing capacity as your operations grow. They are the perfect choice for service oriented businesses, and online selling businesses that want to start with a scalable server that will grow along with them.

Blade Servers

If you want a capable server that can scale and perform while saving space and reducing power costs, PCN Strategies have a variety of Blade Servers for you. We offer space-saving Blade Servers that are capable of hosting multiple individual servers with powerful computing capacity while minimizing power consumptions. With our Blade servers, you will be able to dedicate a single powerful server for important software and processes and ensure that they always run at their peak state.

Tower Servers

Our Tower servers are the answer for those organizations and businesses that want to have a seamless and fast collaboration between their employees. They are fast, responsive and most of all - secure. Our tower servers are designed to accommodate internal networking and communication needs while also providing enough computing power to handle your business. It is the perfect all-in-one server that will give you a reliable and secure platform that will never fail.

Flexible Servers

If you are operating in an industry where the trends require you to adapt and adjust your server’s capacity, then our Flexible Servers would be the perfect choice for you. Our Flexible servers are designed for people like you. Whether you want to start big at the beginning of the year, then go small and minimal in the middle months, and finally return to a big and high-capacity server come year-end, our Flexible servers will enable you to adjust accordingly.

Rugged Servers

Built for the harshest and most unique environments, our Rugged servers are the perfect choice for businesses and organizations that don't operate traditionally. Whether it is a harsh environment or a mobile business that needs to keep moving, our Rugged servers will always be able to keep up and provide you with a capable, fast and secure server.


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PCN Strategies offer the latest and most capable servers for your operations. We have a variety of choices at different price points for you to choose from. Here at PCN Strategies, you will surely find the perfect platform for your business and operations.


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