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PCN understands the requirements and expectations that Public Safety presents. Consult with an experienced PCN Representative for a thorough evaluation.

Body Worn Camera, In Car Video & Interview Room

Video has come a long way and never has there been more technology available inside such a small form factor. We can assist you with the best technology in the world that can bring all your video into one solution. We will be there to manage, install and support every step of the way.

License Plate Recognition Systems

Traditionally LPR has been too expensive and some of the leading vendors hijack your data. We can offer an affordable mobile, fixed or even a trailer solution that puts you back in control. Let us introduce a new path to your LPR solution.

Rugged Computers

Rugged computers are the cornerstone of the mobile office. PCN has sold virtually every unit on the market. We support your testing and evaluations for a successful deployment.

Rugged Printers

Rugged printers allow you to receipts, quotes, e-citations, invoices, and labels anywhere needed. There are several companies that are proven. Let us consult with you to provide the right solution.

Mounting Solutions

Mounting solutions are critical for operation and more importantly safety. Many companies crash test their products. PCN can provide a quality solution that will last for years to come.


Every state and any location, PCN can roll it out for you and provide project management as well. Whether it is a simple rip and replace or a complex installation of multiple technologies – we can deliver with oversight and daily reporting.

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