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Build a top-tier institution with cutting-edge technology that attracts students and enables faculty to achieve more with.

Student-centered devices

One thing that hasn’t changed is that the number-one priority in fostering digital learning is getting devices in the hands of students. With the right tools, students can easily access learning modules and complete their assignments while at home.

Many leading brands offer laptop, 2-in-1 and tablet models that have been carefully optimized for education environments. Their mobility allows students to move seamlessly between home and the classroom, and their durable hardware is better equipped to resist wear and tear. For younger grades and students with limited access to technology, intuitive interfaces can accelerate the journey to digital learning.


Products and services from trusted experts

With PCN, you get a strategic partner with extensive resources. We leverage experience supporting global businesses and deep education industry expertise to achieve your goals.

School and district device management

Easy procurement, fast deployment and simplified maintenance means less downtime and more learning time. Our white-glove service offers a fully operational out-of-the-box experience, including planning, design, setup, asset tagging, support staff training and long-term management.

  • High-density Wi-Fi
  • Holistic network assessment
  • Outsourced network management
  • Guest network access
  • Integrated cybersecurity
  • Fast and reliable speeds
  • Virtualization and remote access
  • Servers and storage
  • Cloud services for higher education

    The cloud has unique benefits — like scaling quickly during peak times, such as enrollment and finals. We’ll help you establish the right workload alignment and management practices, so you can take full advantage of the cloud’s power and flexibility.

    Cloud assessments and workshops

    Guided by our experienced cloud technicians and engineers, our assessments will guide you on a path to cloud excellence.

    Consolidation & migration services

    Eliminate redundancies, simplify operations and accelerate performance by upgrading existing data centers and migrating to best-fit platforms

    Cloud platform

    A combination of public, private and hybrid clouds is ideal depending on your exact needs. We’ll help you property allocate your data and apps.

    Data center management services

    Maintaining peak operation and tight security requires careful attention. Ease your IT burden by offloading maintenance and monitoring.



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