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With the rise of Esports and E-sport related courses, more and more students are leaning towards building their future in the E-sports industry. PCN strategies will be the perfect partner for E-sport learning platforms; we have the best technology that will help you design online e-sports courses and implement them to your students.

Software that supports learning

Connected devices are facilitating student collaboration and allowing them to act as creators of knowledge, rather than just consumers. Use software that promotes student-centered learning and emphasizes interacting, working in groups and developing solutions.


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Many leading brands offer laptop, 2-in-1 and tablet models that have been carefully optimized for education environments. Their mobility allows students to move seamlessly between home and the classroom, and their durable hardware is better equipped to resist wear and tear. For younger grades and students with limited access to technology, intuitive interfaces can accelerate the journey to digital learning.


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