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Get The Cybersecurity Your Organization Deserves Without Breaking The Bank

Protecting and defending your customers, constituents, and employees is more important than ever. At the same time, criminals getting more sophisticated. The largest companies in the world are spending tens of millions of dollars a year to avoid getting hit. As a result, the criminals are turning toward smaller organizations like yours. With PCN Strategies, you can build a security program that rivals a giant organization, for a fraction of the cost.

We have some of the world’s leading experts when it comes to cyber and networking security. Here at PCN Strategies, we can design the perfect and customized security solutions solely for you. We will ensure that every resource can be monitored and traced.


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Why Protect AND Defend?

Smart security leaders have spent years protecting their networks. They build walls around the castle, make the moat deeper, put some sharks in the moat. That keeps most criminals out, but the talented bad guys keep getting in.

And, when they get in, they are, on average, inside a network for 205 days before getting caught. That’s not okay.

That’s what the world’s largest companies have figured out: they spend their time both protecting AND defending.

Is there an ROI for Security?

There’s certainly a negative ROI for not doing security right. The average ransomware attack costs companies between $4 and 7 Million dollars. If you catch malware quickly, the impact drops significantly. With MDR, one municipality caught a phishing attack minutes after the hacker got in, limiting the damage to one computer and not the entire network.

With PCN Strategies, you get the security you deserve and a price you can afford.



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